Swivel Wheel Sorter For Courier Express E-commerce Parcel Sorting Machine

It is an important part of the logistics conveying automatic sorting system. Wheel sorter is mainly composed of conveying rollers, synchronous steering controller, transmission, and frame. During operation, the steering controller changes the direction of the conveyor rollers according to the instructions and information recognition issued by the management system, enabling multi-angle and multi-sided sorting of items on the left and right, and moving the items to the sorting conveyor. Wheel sorter automatic sorter can be used for product sorting, merging, positioning, rotation, separation, interval control, edge transport, etc. It is the most powerful sorting equipment used in the express industry today.

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1. Assemble and debug before delivery 2. Respond within 24 hours and proceed to deal with the problem. 3. 1 year free repair service (no-human damage only). 4. Overall warehousing solution provided

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Main Features

1、Compact designing -Five sorting directions availabe with one device 2、Scientific layout -Rollers are arranged scientifically,reduce the vibration of parcel 3、Flexible and customizable -Size can be customized according to individule needs 4、Durable and easy to maintain -Modularized designing, each module can be replaced seperately


Performance parameters
Oblique guide wheel K-02
Maximum sorting capacity
7500 PPH (Note: Cargo 400*400mm )                                   
Running speed ( m/s )
1.5m/s-2.5m/s ( adjustable)
Handling package weight range                                           
bag size
Maximum L600*600*600mm
Sorting direction    
Sorting on both sides
Sorting module arrangement                                                
Height adjustable range
-20/+50 mm
System noise level
transfer method
Electric roller friction drive
Swing angle
MAX-80 ° — 80 °
Swing speed
Single 60 ° swing speed: ≤200ms
Device processing power
Bilateral efficiency 4000 pieces /H
Sorting Accuracy
≥99 %
voltage fluctuation
± 10%
package type
Carton, soft bag, snakeskin bag, and other types of packages
DWS Applications:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ◆  E-Commerce reverse logistics ◆  Retail returns ◆  Warehouse & Distribution induction   Application:                                                                                                  barcode scanningpackages sorting   Product show & Application:                                                                                                                              wheel sorter machine     Successful Cases:                                                                                                                                                      微信图片_20221109143745   Recommend Products:                                                                                                                                                 products  
OUR Service:                                                                                                                                                                                                         
◆  Assemble and debug before delivery    
◆  Respond within 24 hours and proceed to deal with the problem.
◆  1 year free repair service (no-human damage only).
◆  Overall warehousing solution provided
Why Choose Senad:                                                                                                                                                                                    
◆ High-tech manufacturer with research anddesign capacity
◆ Concentrated on DWS equipment and sorting warehousing system overall solution
◆ Related software and system are with patents
◆ Stable and mature supplying system
◆ Young active sales and engineers for instant services(16-20 hours online)
◆ Upgrading on mechanism according to ergonomics and easy maintenance
◆ Top quality sense, customers’ requests come first
◆ Our structure design principle: easy maintenance & installation, low cost maintenance, maintenance not affect production
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Senad Robot(Shanghai)Co.,LTD.
Founded in 2012,sanad is a national high-tech enterprise,with machine vision technology as the core,through deep learning algorithm,image processing algorithm,pattern recognition algorithm,video analysis algorithm,arm/FPGA/DSP embedded software and hardware development .industrial visual positioning .visual tracking,visual detection,multi-sensor information fusion and other technical means,in the field of smart logistics,we have found a suitable application scenario of machine vision to realize “machine generation”reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises ,and empower the smart logistics industry. Continue R&D and innovation in the fields of smart factory and smart storage,so that the logistics industry and manufacturing industry all over the world can enjoy the achievements of Chinese science and technology!
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Q1: Is it your standard model?
A: Yes, it is. We have standard products as well as free custom solutions
Q2: Does it require further assembly after it arrived at site?
A: No need, the machine has been fully assembled, commissioned and tested before shipment.
Q3: Is it easy to operate?
A: Yes, the oepration system and computer system can be writen in English. After opening the Vision App, the machine starts to work. The real time working status, measuring area and photoing parts, data list, barcode suppimentary input, internet connecting status and functions option frame can be clearly seen in the operatiion interface. The operator is to put the parcels/packages only.
Q4: How do you provide remote service when there’s an error?
A: There is a remote App on the desktop of PC. Open this App, the system will issue a ID and passwork, send the information to our engineer and cooperate the engineer to do the debugging.
Q5: What’s the lead time for this model?
A: It is produced every month. You can check with our sales engineer if there is stock. Otherwise, the lead time is 15-30days.

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