DWS system parcel dimensioning weighing scanning telescopic belt conveyor

Telescopic belt conveyor with DWS equipment to realize automatic parcel loading and unloading and record the barcode, weight, cubic dimension, as well as package pictures. It consists of four parts: telescopic belt conveying section, accelerating conveyor, weighing and barcode reading section, and exception detecting section. It realizes the integration of dynamic weighing, automatic 1D 2D code reading and volume measuring. The collected data and photos collected can be uploaded to the connected mailing management system. This equipment is mainly applied in large scale courier companies and 3PL warehouse center, as well as large out put of daily products etc.

Products Details

This equipment, consisting of conveying section, weighing section, exception section and a telescope conveyor, is used for code scanning, weighing and dimensing of packages. The conveying section is controlled by PLC which enable the cargo pass one by one. When a package pass the weighing section, the data of weight, dimension and code will be captured, saved in local disk and uploaded to customer management system immediately. These data can also be exported as excel file. The third section is exception section where packages fail to be scanned due to unclear barcode will be stopped there and the alarm will work at the same time.These packages can be scanned by a worker with a hand held scanner. So almost no package will be missed.

Products Description

* High efficiency * Save labor cost * Flexible and customizable * Easy to operate


Main Features

1)Dynamic weighing, Automatic scanning code, Volume measuring integrated in one system 2)Query package images supported local images and online image uploads 3)Real-time upload of customer management system 4)Supports pass-through mode and automatic mode 5)The abnormal section warns the abnormal parts and barcode scanning will not be missed 6)Accurately measure the size of the parcel with an accuracy of millimeters 7)Efficiency is 3,500 pieces per hour 8)CSV local log file to query the parcel record


Weighing accuracy ±20-40g
Weighing range 300g-60kg
Effectiveness 3,500 pieces / hour
Reader recognition rate No pollution, Damage, Fine folds, Defects,Recognition rate 100% (barcode>10mil)
Measurement accuracy Regular parcel accuracy: average ±10mm
Irregular part accuracy: average ±15mm
Measuring range 150*150*50~800*800*800 mm
Software interface  http,TCP,485
Application Software SENAD DWS System
Weighing mode Dynamic weighing
Temperature -20℃-40℃
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Diagnostic method Remote inspection / on-site inspection
Belt conveyor speed 90m/min(adjustable)
Telescopic speed 50m/min
Gathering images yes
Name Specification Description
Industrial computer Intel I5-4590 CPU SENAD customized
Display 19.5 inch LCD
Camera MV-SI662-00GM 20 million pixels
Dedicated light source MV-LB-230-230-4030WF For smart cameras
Keyboard mouse Wireless mouse and keyboard set Logitech
Bracket / SENAD customized
Load cell 100kg Express delivery
Lens MF-2028M-10MP 20mm Lens
Volume Line Structure Light MV-DL1617-05L 3D Camera
Pull bag segment L1.2*W1*H0.8( customizable ) SENAD customized
Weighing code segment L1.8*W1*H0.8( customizable ) SENAD customized
Supplementary paragraph L1.2*W1*H0.8( customizable ) SENAD customized
Hump High 130mm SENAD customized
Telescopic machine 6 meters stretched 8 meters SENAD customized

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