Dimensioning Weighing Scanning dws warehouse logistic system dimension weighing Dws equipment

The DWS adopts the self-developed high-resolution intelligent barcode reading camera, volume measuring instrument, and dynamic weighing module, which can efficiently complete the real-time accurate collection and output of the three major information of volume, barcode and weight. The system can realize the automatic sorting of express parcels with the sorting equipment.

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1. Assemble and debug before delivery 2. Respond within 24 hours and proceed to deal with the problem. 3. 1 year free repair service (no-human damage only). 4. Overall warehousing solution provided

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Main Features

1、 DWS can work with high speed Conveyor System, the weight, volume, barcode information can be read accurately when the conveyor belt speed at 1.2-1.5m/s. 2、Measuring weight, volume and reading barcode when the parcel is moving on machine, the data will be upload the serve in real time, high efficiency to 3600 parcels/hour. 3、The data collected by DWS can be directly used in the management system, Multiple Data transfer modes, support customize. 4、The alarm will ring and conveyor will stop, if abnormal conditions such as miss reading / measuring.


Parts Configuration
Industrial computer Intel I5
Display 19.5inches LCD
Camera Hikvision 20 million pixel Industrial camera
Keyboard/mouse Logitech
Load cell 100kg
Bracket Senad customized
Weighing range 30g~60kg
Dimensioning range 50*50*50~800*800*800mm
Capacity 2500~3600pcs/hour
Recognition rate(Normal package) 99%
Dimensioning accuracy ±5~15mm
Weighing accuracy ±20g
Scanning accuracy 99%
Software Interface HTTP, TCP, 485
Weighing mode Dynamic weighing
Remote diagnosis yes

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◆ High-tech manufacturer with research anddesign capacity ◆ Concentrated on DWS equipment and sorting warehousing system overall solution ◆ Related software and system are with patents ◆ Stable and mature supplying system ◆ Young active sales and engineers for instant services(16-20 hours online) ◆ Upgrading on mechanism according to ergonomics and easy maintenance ◆ Top quality sense, customers' requests come first ◆ Our structure design principle: easy maintenance & installation, low cost maintenance, maintenance not affect production

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